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Have you tasted premium coffee lately? Are you selling coffee but your customers are not coming back to taste more?

If so, you may like to discover what we are all about; we offer coffee beans that are selected for their quality and that have a unique taste that offers the best cup of coffee from every single brew.

We are a large Kent based coffee company and supply all manner of coffee machines – simply put, as a wholesaler we can supply in bulk and will deliver the best equipment in order for your customers to enjoy the taste.

Herbert & Ward are one of the largest coffee roasters in the UK. Based in Kent, we supply coffee, coffee beans, coffee making machinery and much more.

Need filter machines? Rental machines? Espresso machines?

We focus on providing a unique taste experience and only source the very best in premium coffee. We take bulk orders and deliver UK wide. As a specialist coffee roaster, you can benefit from being able to offer the best coffee using the best equipment designed especially for its job.

We have a network of suppliers who provide us with the very best quality coffee beans and coffee machines – and it’s our passion. We have never stopped discovering forward thinking solutions that mean we can provide an unsurpassed coffee supply service to those who are looking for expertly sourced coffee.

We are fully committed to the coffee industry, have in-house tasters, roasters and connoisseurs who are knowledgeable about the hints, fragrances and palates. We all appreciate quality coffee beans and are happy to provide our coffees to restauranteurs, catering companies and retailers who want a specialist coffee wholesaler who cares about the best taste.

We always ensure our clients take advantage of the highest quality coffee available.

Kent coffee roasters – UK wide coffee deliveries – Barista training – Coffee machines

Herbert & Ward have supplied superior roasted coffee beans since 1929. We always source ethically produced coffees and can also provide barista training and brewing equipment should you wish to order everything in just one place.

Extract every single little drop of great tasting coffee with hand-produced retail coffees, and take advantage of fragrant brews at home – best for you, best for business.